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The SierraTrax story began in 2017 when a group led by aviation entrepreneur, Jason Talley, purchased a maintenance tracking platform called SierraCom. Founded in 1998, it had the basic system features similar to its competitors, however Jason and the group knew that the technology, sophistication, and features they themselves needed were still missing in the market. As they encountered countless fellow operators who were also frustrated with their outdated, hard to navigate, and outrageously expensive maintenance tracking service, it became clear the industry needed a little disruption.

With the sale of SierraCom and new investment, the rebranding to SierraTrax came with a resounding objective: deliver a simple, intuitive, and affordable maintenance tracking solution, developed with the end user in mind. After four years of rapid growth to become one of the top solutions in the aviation maintenance tracking marketplace, the SierraTrax commitment to technology advancement and exceeding customer expectations is absolutely unwavering.

As we continue to develop and deploy new technology, provide new and insightful ways to analyze our customer operations, and further expand the SierraTrax capabilities with the exciting launch of our nationwide scanning network and NEW Digital Aircraft Records service, we are steadfast in our goal to become the premier Digital Aviation Intelligence solution in the industry.

Meet the Team



Jason P. Talley is the founder and Chairman of N5 Cloud Services, a cloud computing company based in Orange County, California. Additionally, he is the Chairman and Chief Executive of Baker’s Burgers, Inc., a Southern California quick service restaurant chain, with 39 locations and over 1500 employees. As an aviation entrepreneur, Jason founded JetFuelX, an aerospace company that enables advanced fuel analytics and efficiencies for business aircraft. In a successful exit, JetFuelX was acquired by ForeFlight, LLC in 2015. Jason has also served on the Board of Bendix-King…

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Lyle Thaut has over 20 years of experience with Internet/Web based technologies, applications and infrastructure. He began his career with DigiLink Internet Services designing and building large scale highly robust Internet systems that were used by some of the largest entertainment companies in Los Angeles and the World. After leaving DigiLink Lyle spent time at Neustar with responsibilities that included systems architecture and maintenance of their global Webmetrics network. In 2010, Lyle joined N5 Cloud Services and was named Chief Technology Officer a short time later.

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Chris Webber has been in the aviation industry for 40 years. He retired from the USAF in 2000 after a 20-year career where he served as a crew chief on B-52G, B-1B, and KC-135R aircraft and had increasing roles of responsibility. Later in 2000, Chris joined Cessna and developed diagnostics programs before being named to the Mustang certification team. He later led Team Mustang for 10 years and was instrumental in the joining of the customer support teams from Hawker/Beech during the merger in 2014. He spent time as a maintenance manager at the Wichita Citation Service Center and in technical marketing.

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Michele Pelz joined the SierraTrax team in early 2019 and brings over 20 years of aviation experience. Having a father who retired from the FAA, she was exposed to the aircraft industry early on and after graduating from Wichita State University with a BA in Spanish, she was recruited by American Airlines to lead customer service teams in Wichita, KS, Miami, FL, and various other locations across the United States. After 8 years with American, she left the commercial airlines industry to take on business aviation and joined Cessna Aircraft Company as a sales representative for Citation Parts Distribution.

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Kara Wolf graduated with her B.S. in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from Wichita State University and has been in the aviation industry for 8 years. Her experience started with marketing and event planning for Bombardier Learjet’s Safety Standdown program, spearheading their event registration process and assisting with their social media marketing platforms. After 2 years with Safety Standdown, Kara moved into a Customer Service Representative role within their Component Repair and Overhaul department, where she developed and managed all marketing material and distributions for CR&O business developmen…

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