by Jerry Siebenmark – January 6, 2020, 11:02 AM

Maintenance tracking outfit SierraTrax has unveiled a new service for its customers that shops the best rate for maintenance on their turbine aircraft, the Wichita-based firm announced. Called Maintenance Marketplace, SierraTrax co-founder and CEO Jason Talley told AIN that the service allows multiple MROs to bid on scheduled maintenance “and kind of automates that [process] for our subscribers and customers.”

As scheduled maintenance on a customer’s jet comes due, SierraTrax sends out a request for maintenance proposal to participating MROs. Responses from those MROs are then passed on to the customer who can follow up directly with the MROs. “It makes it very easy for them to solicit four, five, or six different proposals without having to deal with the sales pressure…and to be able to understand what the pricing looks like in the marketplace,” he said.

So far, SierraTrax has about a dozen MROs participating in the new service, according to Talley. There is no cost for MROs to participate and no additional cost to SierraTrax customers. “We don’t get a piece of the maintenance cost,” he explained. “We’re just trying to connect two groups of people that need each other.”

Founded in 2017, SierraTrax primarily serves individual turbine aircraft owners and operators, as well as operators of fleets of 15 or fewer aircraft. It is a recommended service provider for Textron Aviation.