CJP Flight Levels Partner News – September 26, 2019

 Service allows aircraft owners to compare bids from multiple maintenance providers on upcoming standard inspections

SierraTrax announced at the annual Citation Jet Pilots’ convention a new Maintenance Marketplace service, exclusive to SierraTrax customers, which allows aircraft service centers to submit bids on upcoming work indicated by the SierraTrax database. Customer data is anonymized to protect the privacy of the aircraft owner. SierraTrax customers can then opt-in to anonymously share their aircraft records and receive proposals from maintenance shops, giving them the ability to compare quotes from several providers on standard inspections.

“We are excited to launch our Maintenance Marketplace and believe that it will, over time, have a transformative effect on how turbine aircraft owners select their maintenance providers” said Jason Talley, CEO of SierraTrax. “We’ve consistently heard from our customers that they want a simpler, more transparent way to select a shop for these highly standardized inspections. The Maintenance Marketplace provides an easy way for maintainers to drive business to their facilities, and at the same time it allows our customers to equitably compare the value of competing proposals without sales pressure. SierraTrax has always been about leveling the playing field and we believe that fairly priced maintenance tracking, combined with the ability to drive down the cost of aircraft ownership does just that.”

“We’ve seen a tremendous response from turbine aircraft owners to our service” added Talley, “and we believe that operators of Citations also understand that some of the commonly used tools are overly complex and incredibly costly for the real needs of the aircraft. If an owner wants an OEM-approved tool with the necessary maintenance alerts, compliance tracking, value preservation, a simple web-based interface, plus control over their data, then SierraTrax is the ideal product.”

SierraTrax is the only online service provider to offer simple, easy-to-use turbine aircraft maintenance tracking for as little as $99 per month without long-term contracts. Our Wichitabased support staff of experienced OEM and aviation veterans understand your tracking needs and can seamlessly migrate your existing maintenance data. SierraTrax was built with the philosophy that maintenance tracking should be simple, intuitive and only provide the features that you need. You control who has access to your aircraft maintenance records and always control how that data is used. Your data is stored in the USA and never shared or sold without your permission.

About SierraTrax

SierraTrax was originally founded in 1998 as SierraCom. In 2017, SierraCom was sold to a group led by aviation entrepreneur Jason Talley and rebranded SierraTrax. With this sale and new investment, our mission evolved to support the desire of today’s customer – provide a simple, intuitive, and affordable aircraft maintenance tracking solution. SierraTrax is based in Wichita, KS.

To view more information on SierraTrax please see www.sierratrax.com