Posted by KingAirNation — Friday, October 18, 2019

SierraTrax has announced a partnership with Textron Aviation as a Recommended Maintenance Tracking Provider for Cessna, Beechcraft & Hawker Operations. The agreement will allow for all factory new and pre-owned aircraft delivered from Textron Aviation to receive a free year of SierraTrax’s maintenance tracking services.

However, for King Air, the subscription to SierraTrax will remain free of charge, even after the first year. Not only that, they have opened up the service free of charge to all King Air owner/operators.

“We understand that tracking maintenance on King Airs is uniquely different than business jets and have adjusted our price model to give King Air operators the chance to experience SierraTrax. We are confident that our easy-to-use interface, latest technology standards, and friendly aircraft support will make SierraTrax the proven choice for King Air Maintenance Tracking,” noted SierraTrax in the company press release.

“Our system and features were designed from from the perspective of the owner/operator, part 91, smaller 135 fleets vs. the larger corporate flight department and charter fleet operations.” A SierraTrax company representative told us.

We’ll be doing a following up article in the coming weeks with SierraTrax detailing the service and it’s benefits and the thought process behind offering it free to King Air operators.

For further information on the service, the company website is