Designed and Operated by Pilots, for Pilots

Our leadership team is composed of pilots who’ve owned jets, turboprops, & piston aircraft. We’ve experienced firsthand the frustration of being overcharged, and underserviced by complex, outdated systems. We believe in using technology to bring needed solutions to our industry, at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.


Customer Spotlight

Joe Rainey, President

Citation Mustang Owner Pilot

SierraTrax does a fantastic job and their service when needed has been spot on. Would never go back to the competition.


Customer Spotlight

Harry Hedaya, CEO & Entrepreneur
Citation CJ3 Owner Pilot

I was hesitant for years to switch over from my current maintenance tracking provider, but upon receiving my last bill for $5,000 I finally decided to take the plunge… I wish I’d done it sooner. Quality operation, quality product, quality people. Highly recommend.

Pilot Friendly

Customer Spotlight

Rick Lemon, Orthopedic Surgeon
Citation Mustang Owner Pilot

I’ve been with SierraTrax for 3 years and I am very pleased. A fraction of the cost of my current maintenance tracking provider… It’s a fantastic service. I’ll stick with it forever!

Preserve Aircraft Value

Customer Spotlight

Marc Dulude, CEO
Citation CJ3+ Owner Pilot

The previous industry stalwart had been harvesting subscription renewals and ignoring customers. SierraTrax have allayed all fears of moving from previous competing systems to their solution, and then customers find a remarkably better product supported by people intent on making a difference.